E-learning and edutainment

A web-based training solution can be integral part of your corporate culture and help retain highly motivated employees while quickly training new ones. The cost of providing individualized training to a group of dispersed employees can be difficult and leveraging your corporate knowledge across an organization can become costly.

We can help you develop the infrastructure and content necessary for online training delivery and learning content management. With the help of your Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), we can create engaging content that can be delivered across various bandwidth profiles. Using industry leading applications from Articulate and Adobe, alongside learning content management systems (LMS) such as Connect, Moodle, and Saba, we can help create, edit, deploy and track your SCORM and Tin-Can compliant content.


Design resources

Gain access to award-winning designers and professional voice talent to help your titles engage people in a meaningful and emotional way. Adobe Certified Experts can help you shoot to a variety of formats (including 5K), polish your audio, and composite your project using a wide array of industry leading applications from Adobe, Apple, Avid, and Autodesk. Project Managers (PMI) can help ensure a smooth measurable workflow and delivery of milestones on time and within budget.

Bilingual, and accessible

Articulate and Adobe Certified Experts (ACE), our team has taugth organization like CMA, RCMP, and The Canada School of Public Service how to develop modular learning modules based on off-the-shelf e-learning software that can be upgraded and manipulated by your instructional designers, at lower cost and greater speed than pure outsourcing. Our fluently-bilingual designers have been teaching accessibility to Federal clients for over 8 years and can ensure that all projects meet and exceed Treasusy Board guidlines.

Corporate communications and brand stewardship


At Massive Ottawa, every client gets assigned a Brand Steward to act as a conduit between your communication department and our creative team. This is your ally. They help you organizes your thoughts, make certain the work is done to specifications, and fight for you to lower production costs. Their goal is to help you get more out of your budget and continually monitor the competitive environment and align you to maximize your competitive advantage. These are not ‘yes men’, but industry veterans and award winning artists that will tell you what you need to know in order to engage people in meaningful and emotional ways.
  • Advertising industry veterans and certified experts with a proven record of delivering projects on time and on budget

  • Local and award-winning design that integrates print, interactive, and social media

  • Work within Corporate guidelines while still creating compelling offers to local markets

Digital cinematography and visual effects (VFX)

Rapid advancements in technology now permit shooting video on the same camera backs used in photography. The concept of a camera is changing as computer-driven sensors with optical lenses eclipse tradition film technique by surpassing them in quality and lowering the cost of production by using a completely digital workflow.

Taking advantage of a smaller footprint and less equipment setup, our quality is comparable to cameras costing 10X more. Advancements by RED (www.red.com) and the Canon 5D Mark III allow low-light guerilla filmmaking captured from multiple camera angles, facilitating post-production editing and ensuring we get the shot. The possibility of using a 5K plate and shooting up to 120 FPS bring feature-film quality to a lower corporate and independent film price point.


  • Corporate photography and videography

  • Avid and Final Cut Pro non-linear and non-destructive editing workflows

  • Stereoscopic workflow

  • Matchmove using planar and full 3D camera solves in NukeX and Boujou

  • Compositing of 3D objects and effects into a live plate

  • Motion graphics (2D and 3D) for broadcast

Game development

We see this multi-billion dollar industry converging with more visual storytelling and stronger plot lines. When most AAA titles costing above $40 million dollars to create, developers are at ever increasing risk. But the industry is seeing itself transform. The use of third-party game engines such as Unity is promising lower risk, cost, and size of development teams.

We can help you bring unique titles to market, breaking away from First-Person-Shooter types and offering a wide range of innovative games experiences and edutainment. Our aim is to leverage our vertically-integrated team approach to bring visually stunning and entertaining content to the iOS, Android, Xbox One, Wii, PC, and Mac platforms.



C#, JavaScript, and Objective-C coding base for interaction and game logic. Low cost delivery on multiple platforms including iOS, Android, Xbox, Wii, PC, and Mac.


Blend of tradigital keyframe and motion tracking (facial and full-body). Automatic lip-syncing of voice phonemes to animation.

Character rigging and UV

Industry stardard rigs using FK and IK blends. Procedural and manually painted textures optimized for game engines and film.

Character design

Pure digital workflow using idustry standard applications, such as ZBrush, Maya, and Softimage. Ultra-realistic and low poly count models using normal maps and remeshing.